The Center for Global Health and Development fills the existing gap between global health and sustainable finance. CGHD gathers presidents, health and finance ministers, private sector companies, development banks, multi-lateral agencies, DFIs and civil society to work collectively to solve many pressing issues. CGHD provides a platform to engage various stakeholders that are indispensable to the solution.

  • Our work is focused on highlighting the global health challenges facing the developing world and providing solutions to these challenges from some of the world’s best global health minds and leaders in public and private financing. We are focused on turning ideas into action and use both the publication and the roundtable forums to promote collaborations and partnerships between governments and different sectors.
  • We also raise awareness of important global health issues amongst the diplomatic and other development communities ensuring that global health becomes part of the larger development discussion. We strive to incorporate the lessons of diplomacy and stress the importance of international collaboration to achieving our global health goals. We believe that only through partnership and shared sacrifice will we be able to answer many of the most difficult global health challenges.
  • Lastly, CGHD leverages it diplomatic and development expertise to ensure that truly durable solutions are implemented so as to create reliable and robust health systems which translates into stable economies and societies.