• Mobilizing a United Corporate

Ebola Panel


Mobilizing a United Corporate and Communications Response to Contain Ebola

The Ebola epidemic has exposed gaping holes in the ability of the global community to tackle outbreaks in an increasingly interconnected world, where diseases can quickly spread from remote villages to cities housing millions of people. In recent years, the WHO has been badly weakened by budget cuts, and its outbreak and emergency response units reduced. Unlike the 2003 SARS crisis, which struck countries with strong governments and money to spring into action, the Ebola outbreak has ambushed nations which lack basic health care, much less the ability to stamp out epidemics. This intersection of tempered international guidance, limited state resources and a highly contagious and deadly pathogen has left the global health community in uncertain terrain.



  • Dr. Deena Buford, ExxonMobil

  • Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President BD, Acting CEO GBCHealth and Chair CDC Foundation Board

  • Dr. Jeffrey L. Deal, TRU-D Inventor, Fellow in the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

  • Dr. Raj Panjabi, Co-Founder and CEO of Last Mile Health

  • Dr. Jordan Tappero, Director of the Division of Global Health Protection for CDC/Center for Global Health

  • Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, Minister of State for Health in Nigeria

  • Jaakko Helleranta, Vice President of the Board, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

  • Ambassador John E. Lange, UN Foundation

  • Dr. Scott C. Ratzan, Board of Scientific Councilors, CDC; VP, A-B InBev