• Inter-faith Collaboration

Inter-Faith Panel

Inter-Faith Collaboration on Global Health and Development Efforts

Format: This session will include short presentations by each participant with a robust Q and A session. A moderator will help facilitate the discussion and Q and A.

Faith based organizations have a long history of providing development services particularly health services on the ground in many developing countries. In fact, some estimates indicate that almost 70% on the ground in the developing world are provided by faith-based organizations (FBOs). As the global community looks toward the future of global health and new players – such as the private sector and NGOs from developing countries emerge in the global health and development space - the role of faith-based NGOs is still unclear. Further, in some regions there are different faiths often working together side-by-side on the ground and the discussion on how to encourage this collaboration globally is critical to finding an adequate solution.

Purpose: This session will address this question by exploring the role that FBOs play in global health and development and what makes them uniquely positioned to provide services in many parts of the developing world. Next, the discussion will shift to an exploration of what the post-2015 efforts and emergence of new players in the field mean for role of FBOs and direct service providers on the ground. Finally, the session will cover examples of how inter-faith collaboration is supporting development needs and what role that developing country leaders see for FBOs as they work to strengthen health systems and promote country ownership.



  • Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, Minister of State for Health in Nigeria

  • Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz

  • Dagfinn Høybråten, Board Chair, GAVI Alliance

  • Dr. Stephanie Ferguson, Director, International Council of Nurses’ Leadership for Change

  • Bruce Wilkinson, President and Chief Executive Officer, CMMB