• A Global Response to NCDs

NCDs Panel


A Global Response to Non-Communicable Diseases in Low Resource Settings:

Perspectives From Critical Stakeholder Segments

Format: Moderated panel with Q&A

Over the past 15 years, development efforts particularly in addressing infectious disease crises have been a major success of largescale development efforts. One emerging health burden - non-communicable diseases (NCDs) - has the potential to reverse many of the gains and threatens to impose a huge burden on future development for many developing nations. Globally, NCDs receive relatively little donor government funding and attention when compared to the major infectious diseases HIV, TB and Malaria. However, NCDs as a whole kill more people and cause more morbidity than all major infectious diseases combined. Making matters worse, many NCDs require a comprehensive health system to adequately address making them a particularly dangerous set of diseases for low resource settings. While there have been some innovative models for addressing NCDs in low resource settings, a truly appropriate response will require a coordinated and comprehensive response by donors, recipient governments, corporations and practitioners.

Purpose: This session will feature perspectives from critical sets of stakeholders – donors, recipient governments, corporations and practitioners – focused on the important role that each segment plays in addressing NCD burdens and developing adequate responses. While many discussions have taken place regarding the importance of focusing on NCDs, this session will take the next step by focusing on how the these stakeholders collaborate and identifying models that have successfully addressed NCDs in low resources settings. The session will explore ways in which stakeholders can work together to promote and scale NCD programs that have been successful in low resource settings.



  • Simon Bland, Director, New York Liaison Office, UNAIDS

  • Dr. Mohamed Janabi, Cardiologist, Medical Advisor to the President of Tanzania

  • Ella Gudwin, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Program Development, AmeriCares

  • Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Minister of Health of Rwanda

  • Dr. Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs